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Our objective was to create ten engaging and compelling social media posts that sales representatives in Alberta could use on their profiles to promote their programs to other businesses. The posts were made to generate interest, showcase the company’s value proposition, use uniform company branding, and drive engagement with potential business clients. The goal is to increase brand visibility, establish the company as a thought leader in the industry, and generate qualified leads for the sales team.


First, we had to understand the audience as a B2B market, and how the company’s products would benefit their business and help their clients. After, we determine the key messages that align with the company’s value proposition and address the target audience’s needs. These messages should highlight the unique selling points and benefits of the company’s programs. We then created graphics that included the company’s branding, messaging, and aesthetics.


The result was ten beautiful posts with compelling messages the explained each program and the benefits while using company branding and wording. Having the sales reps share the pre-created posts on their personal profiles will amplify the company’s reach and engagement. Their networks and connections will be exposed to the company’s message, resulting in increased brand awareness and potential customer referrals.


Amber Hoppe, B.COM, DBM
Digital Marketing Director & Social Media Specialist

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