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C2 Recycling is a digital client of ours. They came to us to optimize and improve their Facebook and LinkedIn business platforms, and create a content calendar strategy that they could take over after a 6-month period.


We worked with C2’s team to ensure all-important company dates and holidays were scheduled prior to creating an organic strategy that would include educational, philanthropic, and company events/culture posts. In order to stay ahead, our Social Media Specialist would pre-plan all the content for the upcoming month for approval and schedule it. This way, the entire C2 team knew when posts were going live and they could ensure engagement.


Our social team carefully and strategically crafted visually appealing, brand-oriented and educational posts for the 6-month campaign. We have since resigned for an additional 6-month campaign in order to continue building their brand equity and awareness.

organic content


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Jessica Klimko, B.Com, CAS, CDMP
Digital Marketing Director, Promotional Marketing Consultant

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