Open House Giveaway Swag


Oliver Park Dental was holding their annual Open House and was looking for some swag to hand out to the people who stopped in. Oliver Park Dental has an eco-friendly focus and selecting environmentally conscious products was very important to them.


The lanyards are made from a variety of reground/melted materials such as factory scraps, water bottles, or rubber tires, which makes them a perfect fit for the client’s vision. The breakaway clasp is also a must for their industry. The recycled tote is perfect for taking home information, and it can be used over and over again. The bright logo really pops on the black background! The tooth-shaped hot and cold packs are a functional giveaway for clients to use repeatedly in a variety of different ways.


The client was super happy with the products and how they showed their patients that Oliver Park Dental is committed to the eco-conscious vision of their office, which differentiates them from their competition.


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Vanessa Antoniuk
Promotional Marketing Consultant

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