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Jiffy Lube wished to make improvements to its current method of promotional product purchasing. The improvements needed to accommodate multiple franchise locations across Canada with varying perspectives on what they wanted available in their online store. They wanted a user-friendly platform that was easily accessible and would offer branded merchandise pre-approved by the Jiffy Lube marketing team. In doing so, they would streamline their order management and make purchasing and delivery easy and convenient for their partners. Brand consistency was at the forefront of their objectives so the store needed to provide effective, quality products that met the required brand standards.


CREATIVE developed an online store for Jiffy Lube consisting of a collection of core items that are stocked at the CREATIVE warehouse. Because inventory is pre-branded and stored, the product is ready to ship when an order is placed speeding up delivery times considerably. Live inventory is shown online to streamline communications and eliminate backorders. User accounts were created for each franchise location with the customer information and shipping addresses pre-loaded for ease of use. Product is reviewed and refreshed on a regular basis while monthly reporting tracks inventory and summarizes the orders placed from each user and location. Administrator accounts are created for approved users to provide access to reporting data and the ability to manage accounts and budgets.


We have received great feedback from the Jiffy Lube Marketing Team, as well as, the franchise owners. Product is turning over successfully avoiding stale inventory. We consistently monitor progress to continue to build on the success of the store and keep the available collection of products fresh and in demand. The main benefits of the store are brand enforcement, streamlining order management and communications, and fast delivery times, and accurate tracking and reporting.


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