The Good Samaritan Society

Online Company Store


Good Samaritan Society wished to create an online store to help them maintain inventory controls and help streamline the ordering process of their promotional products to Alberta and British Columbia regions. It was very important to keep the brand consistent on all items and their brand standards enforced. Storage and distribution of their existing inventory was required while creating a new catalogue of products with the assistance of the CREATIVE team.


CREATIVE constructed an online store for Good Samaritan Society consisting of product from their existing inventory, as well as, a brand new collection of products to freshen up the catalogue. CREATIVE stored the inventory in their warehouse and set up a daily distribution schedule. The website was made available to their Alberta and British Columbia regions to streamline ordering and distribute products in a timely fashion.


This store has not launched yet.  Please stand by for further information and results.


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Lisa Reid, B.Ed, CAS
Senior Promotional Marketing Consultant

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