The objective of this promotion was to communicate our team’s move and rebrand in a highly effective way. We also felt that it was important to build a promotion or sophisticated communication that highlighted our clever marketing capabilities.


Our team selected promotional products that resembled a shipment of supplies being moved from one location to another which helped communicate our change/rebrand. The promotional box selected is actually a clever desk organizer that opens to reveal sticky notes (we customized the top layer of notes) as well as flags for notifying important areas or sections. The shipping box included a custom “Fragile” sticker that indicates to our customers that their brand is fragile and we “promise to handle it with care.” Additionally, we customized a promotional pallet which is actually a coaster that also allowed us to communicate our transition. We then added a promotional pen in our corporate colors and wrapped it with a belly band printed card (with an adhesive for easy assembly). The combination of these promotional products, which were kitted internally, allowed our customers to understand our move to our new location.


This promotion was effective in ensuring our customers not only knew about our move but also followed us to CREATIVE. The transition was successful and we are continuing to build clever promotional marketing for our valued customers.