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On-Boarding & Employee Appreciation Gifts


We were asked by Yardstick to choose promotional products that would encourage staff engagement and would support and boost an already strong culture. The items would also be given to new hires to say “Hey, welcome aboard!”


The products had to be gender-friendly and on-trend with a really cool vibe of Yardstick. We selected new and innovative products to complement this technology-enabled business.  We worked as a team to come up with best-fit ideas and the final products chosen were very trendy and high-value Speckled Thor Bottle and sleek neoprene laptop holders.


The Google reviews and Instagram posts we’ve seen so far and the best testament to the success of this promotion. Yardstick has a very happy team using and sharing their branded products!


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Melissa Milligan, CAS, FAM
Senior Promotional Marketing Consultant

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