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Our client, King Airways (start-up company), required a NEW mobile-friendly website that was easy to manage, allowing interaction with their customers while highlighting the aircraft they purchase and sell. They also wanted their website to be simple to update on a daily basis with new aircraft or removing sold aircraft.


The King Airways team entrusted our Creative team with compiling suitable, enticing webpages, imagery, keywords, and written content that would provide helpful information to their current and potential clients. After sitting down with the King Airways team to learn more about them, a few focused questions, some site comparisons, and our research to create an industry-leading user-friendly site. We chose a website theme based on some leading US competitors and built the site from that foundation. Our Web Designer worked closely with our client to ensure the cutting-edge website was modern, mobile, and user-friendly. We also worked strategically, gathering, organizing, and portraying the required information for King Airways’ aviation experience. Our SEO team ensured that all new website pages were fully optimized and easily found by the search engines.


The new site uses the colours and elements of the King Airways brand and has immediately assisted them in making an impact in their industry.  Sales are anticipated to grow as a result of their professional website.

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Eilish Lemieux
Editor & Copywriter

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John Israel Lavapie
Digital Marketing Specialist

Anna Paczkowska

Anna Paczkowska, FAM Certified
Creative Director, Executive Virtual Marketing Assistant

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