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Pride of the Nation approached CREATIVE to create an engaging Shopify E-commerce website showcasing their premium maple syrup flavours — Original and Smoked. The focus is on highlighting the brand’s Métis tradition & incorporating its rich history. Additionally, the website will emphasize the Corporate Gifting service, aiming to position the brand as a culturally resonant choice for both individual and corporate customers. The goal is to enhance online visibility, drive sales, and authentically convey the essence of the Métis heritage.


In developing the optimal website for our client, CREATIVE conducted a thorough audit of competitor websites, extracting valuable insights to inform our strategy. Emphasizing a minimalistic design, we streamlined the menu and website layout for simplicity, ensuring a positive user experience for all visitors. The inclusion of clear calls to action, compelling content, and custom photos and graphics contributed to effectively conveying the narrative of Pride of the Nation and transforming website traffic into conversions. Specialized pages were crafted, highlighting the Métis story and history, as well as a dedicated corporate gifting page to cater to business clientele. Our team meticulously optimized product pages for conversions and implemented backend marketing strategies, including targeted efforts to recover abandoned carts and soliciting customer reviews two weeks post-purchase, enhancing both user engagement and post-sale interactions.


The results of our collaboration with the client have been exceptionally positive. The newly designed website has garnered enthusiastic approval from our client, who now possesses a robust foundation for their startup venture. The platform not only enables them to market and sell their premium syrup globally but also affords them a polished and professional online presence. This success underscores our commitment to delivering impactful solutions that not only meet but exceed our client’s expectations, empowering them to confidently navigate the competitive market and establish a distinctive and reputable brand identity.

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