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Lunch Box Promo Kit


Vallen required a creative way to bundle items together from their online merchandise store and package them in a way that was fun and intriguing to potential customers. The kit was also required to introduce their brand to new business opportunities.


The Retro Lunch Box was chosen as the method to package the items together. It allowed for bright, bold artwork to display the Vallen brand but was also functional as a means to bring the items together and distribute them. The lunch box was a good shape and size to fit a variety of different items inside. It also opened and closed very easily, locked with a metal clasp to keep items enclosed, and was quite durable.  The imprint was strategically chosen to introduce Vallen to new business opportunities.  This is why “Hello, my name is Vallen” was chosen.


The lunch kits were stocked at our facility and distributed on a daily basis upon request. This product was a great success in promoting the Vallen brand, demonstrating creativity, generating business, and building relationships with their customers.


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Melissa Milligan, CAS, FAM
Senior Promotional Marketing Consultant

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