Unity Global Logo

Logo Design & Brand Rejuvenation


Unity Global Financial came to us with several digital marketing needs, recognizing that the first step in today’s digital marketing is to have a modern and approachable brand look. Our client looked to us for suggestions and expertise in creating a brand that would become a solid, consistent platform for all their future marketing and branding campaigns.


The entire theme of this project was “modern, bold and approachable”. Taking clues from today’s best brands in the financial market, we wanted to make sure this logo could stand its ground as a solid representation of the organization behind it. We went through several rounds of logo options from detailed icons to very clean typography. We also involved our entire CREATIVE team in the final rounds, as a Test Group, to ensure we were hitting the mark in terms of the look and feel of the logo. In the end, the new logo incorporates elements that are reflected in the name, modern color combination, and a completely custom font! We also do not stop at logo design. We want to make sure, that the integrity of each logo we create remains unshaken, no matter how many production teams it might go through in the future. For that reason, with every new logo, we provide a Logo Manual, a document that specifies all of the corporate colors, fonts, and logo versions in several different formats.


Our client is now equipped with everything they need to keep their brand looking consistent throughout all of their marketing/branding collateral. With this crucial first step complete, Unity Global Financial is on the right trajectory to a modern approach to digital marketing.


Anna Paczkowska

Anna Paczkowska, FAM Certified
Creative Director, Executive Virtual Marketing Assistant

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