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Logo Design & Brand Consistency


EmployAbilities is an established non-profit organization that needed an experienced team to take over its branding. As they expand and new services and programs become available, our client requires ongoing logo design support for these new programs to add to an existing lineup of program logos.


Through initial brand discovery and audit, we determined that EmployAbilities would benefit from a set of brand guidelines to ensure brand consistency moving forward. Each new program logo that we designed adhered to the rules and recommendations set out in the guidelines document. This is very important for a brand like EmployAbilities, which not only has its main logo, but also a set of complimentary program logos that may be getting created by different teams and not all at the same time. We worked on each logo with the EmployAbilities team assigned to that specific program all the while ensuring the overall style of the design remains consistent with the main brand and other program logos. To date, we have designed several logos featured above and will create more as new programs become available through EmployAbilities. The brand guidelines document will grow and get updated with each addition.


Each respective program team at EmployAbilities was included in the process, approvals, and happy with each new design prior to finalizing it. Having multiple program coordinators and admin staff, our client is now armed with a set of guidelines to refer to when anyone on the team is working with or using the main logo or any of the program logos.


Anna Paczkowska

Anna Paczkowska, FAM Certified
Creative Director, Executive Virtual Marketing Assistant

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