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Lead Magnet Strategy To Grow A Mailing List


Jibe Prints, an e-commerce retailer, asked us to help them grow their mailing list and expand their brand’s reach. They wanted to explore new digital marketing techniques they have not implemented before.


We explored several marketing strategies for growing mailing lists and have decided that the use of a lead magnet would be the most effective method for this campaign. A lead magnet is a digital download that is attractive to the target audience, who is willing to subscribe to a mailing list in order to get the download. The lead magnet we created for this project was a digital file of a beautiful, printable calendar. Through research, we understood that free and downloadable printables were trending on Pinterest, where a majority of this client’s target audience spends their time. We designed the calendar, created a blog post to explain its use, and then posted multiple posts on social media platforms, Pinterest, and promoted it via email marketing. We used specific SEO keywords across all these platforms to further strengthen the visibility of all of the prepared marketing assets.


The results astounded not only our client but even us! In the first 3 months, this client’s email list grew by 7000 new subscribers, and by the end of this promotion, the email list was at 22,000 subscribers. This was an enormous win for this online business and they now have the ability to promote their products to these subscribers via email marketing and over time, convert some of them into customers.

A secondary, and just as important win for Jibe Prints, was the amount of ENGAGEMENT with the website and comments on the original blog post. This type of engagement creates a compounding effect on the website’s visibility on search results, which helped with sales and brand awareness long after this promotion has ended.


Anna Paczkowska

Anna Paczkowska, FAM Certified
Creative Director, Executive Virtual Marketing Assistant

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