Case Study title: Launching a Brand/Company



The objective of this promotion was to launch a newly formed company at the educational event during the association’s yearly convention.


An apple was selected because of its reference and symbolism to education. This promotion was unique in that each apple had the logo of the brand/company BLEACHED into the skin of the apple by the sun. An orchard in B.C. was selected to produce these apples which took an entire growing season. First, the apples were grown to almost full size or ripeness when a reverse decal was applied to each apple. Yes, someone was required to climb up and down a ladder to apply 100 reverse decals! The decals were left on for approximately 2 weeks and then the apples were picked off each tree. The apples were sent to the host hotel a few days before the association event. They were kept in safe storage, to be distributed to each table on the day of the event…or so we thought!


Sadly, the chef at the hotel mistook these apples for the ones required to make apple pie so, 99% of the apples were never used at the educational event! The hotel and the chef felt horrible and reimbursed the client for his expenses. It was the “greatest promotion NEVER seen!”