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Garage Floor Shield is an innovative automotive containment mat that offers a practical solution for protecting garage floors from potential damage caused by oil, gasoline, or other liquids. This new product is designed to contain any kind of spill or waste, preventing it from spreading or seeping into the concrete floor. To help promote their product and attract potential retailers, Garage Floor Shield has enlisted our services to create a modern landing page that effectively showcases the unique features and benefits of the product. Our goal is to create a visually appealing and informative page that will serve as an effective selling tool for Garage Floor Shield, highlighting the product’s durability, easy installation, and overall effectiveness.


Our team has created an industry-leading landing page for Garage Floor Shield that not only looks modern and appealing but also delivers valuable content to potential customers. We have designed custom graphics that effectively showcase the product’s features and benefits, highlighting its durability, ease of installation, and effectiveness in containing any type of liquid or waste. Our landing page also includes an intuitive ordering system that allows retailers to easily order the product directly from the website. Overall, our landing page effectively positions Garage Floor Shield as a superior product in the market, with a visually appealing and informative design that effectively communicates the product’s value to potential customers and retailers.


We are thrilled to announce that Garage Floor Shield was absolutely amazed by the landing page, custom graphics, and on-page ordering system that our team created for them. They were impressed with the modern and visually appealing design of the landing page, which effectively showcases the unique features and benefits of their product. Our custom graphics were also highly praised for their attention to detail and ability to effectively communicate the value of the product. The on-page ordering system was found to be intuitive and easy to use, allowing retailers to order the product directly from the website with ease. In fact, Garage Floor Shield was so happy with our work that they left us a glowing 5-star Google review to show their appreciation for our efforts. We are thrilled to have exceeded their expectations and look forward to continuing to deliver exceptional results for all our clients.

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WOW! What a team. I met with Creative Promotional agency in Edmonton January 2023 and from the very first meeting I knew I would want to work with them for all future marketing endeavors. I created a new business line in January and required a logo, landing page and product packaging to begin with. Absolutely blown away by the execution. Everything from the timeline, talent, helpfulness and advice was more than what we expected. Do not hesitate to work with this amazing group of people for all of your business marketing needs. Special shout out to Anna, Avery, Eilish, Pete and all other members behind the scenes that contributed to our successful launch!
Muneet Kalkat

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