Landing Page For A Law Firm


Our client, Dyson Law, wanted to improve their digital marketing funnel by adding a landing page to their website. This would help them generate leads for accident injury clients.


For the landing pages to be the most effective, it is important to create very targeted messaging, pair it up with just the right images and provide a clear call to action. That is exactly how we approached this project. Our content writer worked with our client to formulate written content that was focused and easy to understand. The web developer then worked on putting it all together with just the right images and designed the pages using a modern, easy-to-follow layout, that is also consistent with Dyson Law’s existing website. Online forms were the call to action on this page and we ensured that they are accessible throughout the page.


The result is one beautiful, on-brand, and effective landing page that blends seamlessly into the client’s website and their overall digital marketing funnel. Not only does this landing page look good, but our client is now armed with more highly converting tools to promote their business!

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Breanne Durand
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