Landing Page For A Cleaning Company


New Image Commercial Cleaning was launching a set of Google Ads promoting its services and needed a targeted landing page to complete this part of its digital marketing funnel.


When advertising on Google, a well-written, visually compelling and audience-targeted landing page is an absolute must. A landing page is the ad audience’s last stop before they decide to contact the advertising business. Therefore, it’s critical that the page is deeply connected with the ad itself and gives the visitor the exact information they are expecting to receive and also convinces them to provide their information to be contacted about those services. Our team of experts all collaborated with the client to ensure only the right content was displayed to make it a successful part of their marketing funnel while providing the ad audience with an outstanding user experience!


The result is one prominent, on-brand, and effective landing page that represents our client to the fullest while also equipping them with more highly converting tools to bolster their business above the competition.

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Breanne Durand
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Anna Paczkowska, FAM Certified
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