The primary objective of our promotional branding campaign was to creatively inspire and uniquely motivate all members of the “Entrepreneur Organization.” This campaign included 2 marketing pieces which were used to encourage a high attendance among members of the Entrepreneur Organization in an upcoming high profile guest speaker event.

Our marketing consultants created this original promotion by taking the Entrepreneur Organization’s brand promise “Engaging leading entrepreneurs to learn and GROW” and choosing promotional products that were consistent with this promise.


This promotion had two separately creative pieces but each had consistent brand messages within them. The first piece was a formal invitation introducing the event via e-mail. This e-mail went beyond any usual invitation by using an interactive flash presentation we created.

The second original piece was a unique potted bean plant. Each bean had been laser-engraved previous to planting so that when the beans grew they would have the brand message transformed onto the pods of the plant. Each motivational word that appeared on the beans (Aspire, Learn, Grow, $$$ and Results) was specifically chosen by the client to represent the theme of the event. It took approximately 7-10 days for each bean to mature into a plant so that the motivation words were prevalent. This flower pot mug became the second invitation and creative marketing piece.


The target audience consisted of the total number of members in the Edmonton Chapter of the “Entrepreneurs Organization.”

Following the first invitation was the highlight of the entire promotion…the MAGIC BEAN! We wanted to “Wow” “Inspire” and “Excite” each member about the up and coming event so much so that they had to attend. The screen-printed mug was chosen because of its functionality and its ability to carry the brand message of EO… “Learning and Growing.” Each flower pot mug was screen-printed in orange and white to again carry the consistency of their logo/brand.

The additional bag of beans were provided for the recipient to re-plant once the first plants were overgrown (instructions were attached). This was necessary to create future excitement in the promotional product. The additional bag was also attached to the event reminder which restated the location and the time of the event.


The total attendance target set by the EO board of directors for this promotion was a minimum of 80% of its members. Previous attendance for EO events averaged only 59.2% over the previous year. This promotion not only achieved the projected target but it was the highest attendance for an EO event in its over 10 year existence as an Edmonton Chapter. Therefore a 91.4% attendance was achieved at this event categorizing it *“The most successful event to date”.
*Quote provided by Kevin Lang, EO Event Chair.