Marketing Promotion Title - Incentivize Customers To Take Action



As a result of a recent move and rebrand to CREATIVE, our marketing team created a campaign to help ensure our customers migrated from our old contact emails to our NEW emails. This campaign was designed to reward customers, who indicated to us that they accomplished our goal of updating their computers with our new contact info. Our marketing team also wanted to reinforce one of our competitive advantages – our capability of providing clever, complimentary products in a form of a promotional marketing kit.


This promotion involved a personalized email marketing campaign. We reached out to all our customers informing them of our goal and as a result of our customers’ achieving this goal, they would receive our promotional marketing kit. This kit would require selecting and designing products that complement each other and increase the overall perceived value of the kit. In our kit was a custom sublimated pouch in full color, which reminded them our CREATIVE BOUTIQUE showroom and the new website. Additionally, we provided a matching microfiber cleaning cloth and bendable cable cord organizer. Together these products and the presentation created the “WOW” we required and at an affordable price.


As a result of this campaign, we had over 90% of our customers update their records with our new contact info. Goal…accomplished!