Incentive Coupons To Increase Sales And Measure Results



A well-known pizza chain was looking for a way to deliver coupons to consumers while ensuring that the coupons would stay visible and also be redeemed more frequently. Additionally, the client wanted to provide the local franchise owners with a variety of coupons to effectively measure the results from different promotional campaigns.


A Post-it® Note coupon was presented, designed and produced to allow the franchise owners to first test and measure the results before incurring the full expense.  The previous method of coupons without any adhesive backing limited the usefulness and  visibility of the coupons.


The Post-it® Note coupons successfully achieved a higher visibility rate as well as an increase in coupon redemptions and ultimately sales. The addition of the adhesive capability meant that the coupons would no longer be sitting on the counter waiting for the consumer to take.


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