The primary objective of this promotion was to create an advertising campaign that encouraged local support as well as provided a commemorative gift that instilled pride while complimenting the town of Devon’s “Christmas in the Park”.


This promotion is both incredibly original and creative because it included a campaign to inspire local artists the ability to showcase their talent. The contest was for a Christmas card as well as the limited edition Christmas ball. One artist would have the ability to create a complete promotion that would instill pride for a local community. The imprint included the “Town of Devon” as a reminder where this piece came from as well as the commemorative year.


The distribution strategy was to sell the ornaments from the town of Devon’s office. It was quickly realized that the demand for the promotion was so popular that additional distribution had to be considered. The town office then asked local businesses if they would sell them and two were selected.


They were a resounding success. To the surprise of the town of Devon these ornaments sold out in just three weeks. The exclusivity of the Christmas ball lends to the prestige of the item. The town is ordering 4 times as many balls in 2008, to foster the pride of the community and provide another limited edition keepsake.