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BrandingWERX, a Promotional Marketing Company in the greater Toronto area, came to us as a new company with some specific goals for their social media. First and foremost, they wanted to build their social media presence. They were very focused on building brand awareness, as well as growing their brand reputation. BrandingWERX wanted to drive more traffic to their social media pages for existing users to see them and interact with them, as well as driving those same users to their website.


We have created a series of aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching posts and content, built to increase BrandingWERX social media following while driving more traffic to their website.


The BrandingWERX social pages that CREATIVE was assigned to, LinkedIn and Facebook, increased their respective followings by an average of 39%. Their LinkedIn page increased from 75 followers to 125 followers and their Facebook page increased from 190 to 257 followers within a one-month time frame. The content posted had positive feedback, which was measured through an increase in likes, comments, and shares.


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Jessica Klimko, B.Com, CAS, CDMP
Digital Marketing Director, Promotional Marketing Consultant

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Gary Chan, B.Com, CAS, FAM Certified
Project Manager & Social Media Specialist

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