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Google Search Ads For Lead Generation


C2 Recycling wanted to acquire new customers, specifically contractors looking for a waste management center to dispose of waste. Their target audience consisted of contractors of all types in Edmonton. The purpose of this Google Search Ad campaign was to increase lead generation and build brand awareness.


Using Google Search Ads with a standalone landing page targeting contractors who were searching for nearby waste management centers. The strategy used in the ad was adding a unique value proposition to inform searchers of the benefits of using C2 Recycling as opposed to other waste disposal facilities. Some of the unique value propositions included no light load fees, faster turnaround times, and a convenient city location; all being competitive advantages.


This Google Search Ad campaign was extremely successful. In 30 days we were able to reach over 7000 searchers and maintain a click-through rate of 7.57% which is extremely high. We were able to acquire 36 new leads during the campaign. We were able to gather insights from searchers which will lead to even more effective ads for C2 Recycling in the future.

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