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Our client wanted to build awareness of the Land Development Technologies as a reliable provider of Real Property Reports services in the Edmonton area. They also wanted to increase overall engagement with the website, bring more traffic to it and convert it to qualified leads.


We approached this project from two different angles. While the SEO expert was performing an audit of the website’s traffic patterns, conducting keyword research and identifying the target audience, our web development team tackled the creation of an optimized landing page for the Google Ads to lead the traffic. While the Google Ads were being carefully crafted, we engaged our content writer to ensure the page communicated just the right information about the services and that a strong CTA (Call-To-Action) and a functional form were incorporated into the page. Once the ads were running, we monitored the campaign, making necessary adjustments to the ads, target audience, and placements.


In post-campaign analysis, our client was happy to learn of the results, which they also experience through the increase in leads for Real Property Reports. The awareness goal was achieved by displaying the ad 85,000 times. The effectiveness of the ads was at 2.4%, above average, 1.5 – 2% CTR (Click-Through-Rate). The ads were clicked almost two thousand times achieving the goal to bring a substantial amount of website traffic. The landing page was viewed by over 1,100 users over the course of the campaign, becoming the second most visited page on the website after the home page. And the average time on the page (02:47) exceeded the average for the website (01:43) meaning the users scrolled down and engaged with the content of the landing page.

View Landing Page lnldt.ca/surveying-costs-estimates/real-property-reports/


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