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Giveaway Mugs For A Rugby Event


With rugby season cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the LA Crude was going to miss the annual local Rugbyfest festivities. To fill that void, they wanted to set up a physically-distanced and safe event for their members to get together.


An essential part of this event was finding a uniquely representable and fitting promotional item. So we asked ourselves this question, “What goes well with Rugby?” The answer was plain and simple – beer! So we suggested the big “Crudefest” mug to LA Crude as their promotional giveaway at the event.


LA Crude has since heard excellent feedback from its members about the “Crudefest” mugs during and after the event. It goes to show that a promotional product can be both a memorable giveaway and an effective branding recall tool whenever it is utilized properly to the preference of the end-users.


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