Gift With Purchase



A local energy company that offers rate reduction services wanted to provide a “thank you” gift to their clients for signing either an electricity or natural gas contract. This gift was intended to increase brand loyalty and appreciation to a variety of clients in various industries.  It also need to incorporate electricity or gas in some way.


We sourced a cool and trendy NEW promotional product that would allow Creative to incorporate electricity into this promotion.  Electric candle lighters are a flameless lighter that recharges from a USB (no refill necessary).  Its ability to be used for candles or barbeques was appealing to our client and the addition of the gift box increased the perceived value.


Energy Engine was extremely happy with the product because of its connection to electricity, as well as, the referral business it received as a result. The popularity of each item allowed Energy Engine’s brand to be shared from clients to prospects who intern generated additional revenue.


Real Estate • Finance • Hotels/Tourism • Food/Beverage • Utilities