Gift With Purchase Incentive



The Canadian Adult Recreation Hockey Association (CARHA) hosts a Hockey World Cup every 4 years, and teams travel from around the world to participate. A promotion was needed to increase attendance for this event, and was required to provide a useful product that participants attending would use in some way.


We recommended CARHA run a signup promotion with a hockey bag that would attract players and teams to attending their event.   A Stormtech brand hockey bag was presented because of its co-brand appeal and ability to stand up to heavy duty wear and tear.  The original request was for 200 stock pieces however a fully custom bag was proposed instead to achieve a better result.  A small increase of 100 additional bags was necessary to order a fully customized CARHA bag which could provide the ability to better represent the CARHA logo/brand.  This change was approved and the order was placed.


CARHA was ecstatic with the end result!  Hockey players and teams ended up with a useful, good-looking bag and CARHA attracted a record number of players and teams to their world cup event.


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