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Fundraising Hockey Tournament Giveaway


Force Inspection Services hosts an event called “Charity Pond Hockey Tournament” every year, a fundraising event where they invited their clients and partners to participate for a charitable cause. Before the event this year, they asked us to look for a cool giveaway for all the participants. They were looking for something that is inexpensive, brand-able and useful during the tournament.


We wanted to find a hockey-related item that can be easily handed out to all participants as well as be useful around the rink. With some research, we came across a unique item that can fit our objective – the Skate Lace Koozie. It is a beverage holder made with real sport laces and designed to keep a drink cool while being comfortable to hold. A perfect promotional item for a sporting event that doesn’t break the bank!


The Skate Lace Koozie was a huge hit! All participants were loving the look of the koozie with the Force Inspection Services logo on them. And of course, we certainly can’t take away the primary functionality of the koozie as well, it kept everyone’s drink of choice cold throughout a long day of hockey.

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