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Functional Promo Item That Creates Buzz


PIPSC – The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada was celebrating its 100 year anniversary in 2020 along with the regional chapter for Prairies & NW Territories. My client asked for a promotional product that was functional, inexpensive, easy to transport, and can be carried by the recipient at all times. Our solution was A shopping cart coin! The keychain coins would be distributed at two main events in the new year and then shipped out to different areas for AGM and branch events.


Both logos were sent directly to the supplier to mock-up as the regional logo involved a map of the western provinces and territories. We wanted to see if this detailed logo could fit on a coin. The result was remarkable. The coins were die-cast and color-filled and represented the two organizations beautifully. The supplier sent pre-production samples for the client to approve before the final production, as the quantity was large and all details needed to be confirmed. The timeline was quick and delivered the first two weeks of the new year.


Our client had many members reaching out to them requesting the keychains, when they were unable to attend the special events. This is the true measure of a successful item when it creates a buzz and is well sought after.

The quality of the product and the vibrancy of the logos on the finished product was absolutely beautiful.


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Lisa Reid, B.Ed, CAS
Senior Promotional Marketing Consultant

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