Project Description

Flyers Are Great For Food Plates



The objective of the promotion was for employees to get outside with their co-workers and families and have fun.


The food catering company to runs the breakfast & lunch restaurant inside of the corporate park was hired to cater a company event that encouraged employees to bring their family to work for the day and enjoy a bbq outside with games and prizes. The food company wanted to show that they can cater outdoor parties and offer more than just egg sandwiches and salads, so they grilled burgers & hot dogs, and served them on upside down flyers that we printed their logo on.


Families enjoyed walking around eating on the flyer and then playing with them afterwards. Getting to take them home was a cool treat for the employees who brought their kids to work that day! The catering company let us know that it was a big hit and that they’ve been asked by a dozen employees to cater parties that summer as a direct result of the flyer being used in a creative way.


Food/Beverage • Non-Profit