Event Build Up: Camp Creative


The objective of this social media post was to introduce a company event as well as encourage participants to “Save the Date” to ultimately increase future RSVP totals. The media post was also required to be visually appealing while engaging the audience with an entertainment value based upon a GOING TO CAMP theme.


We collaborated on an idea to take the target audience back to a time in their childhood when they were excited to go to camp. We were encouraged to remind them about how FUN and ADVENTUROUS learning can be. We created a video of an adult that was excited to attend camp. We added fun, upbeat music to support the excitement while adding the save the date information.


The video targeted 500 prospects and clients but reached over 870 people with 64 engagements. More importantly, the RSVP totals surpassed any past events which created exceptional traffic at the open house and ultimately increased sales following the event.


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Gary Chan, B.Com, CAS, FAM Certified
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