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Environmentally Friendly Graduation Gift Idea


JHP School was looking to gift their grade 12 graduating students a gift that was thoughtful, reasonable, and good for the environment.


Fill it Forward is a wonderful B-Corp Certified company that CREATIVE is fortunate to have a partnership with. It was the perfect fit for JHP and its gifting requirements. The company’s leading product, Cupanion, is a reusable bottle that’s dishwasher safe, made in the USA, leakproof, BPA-free, and holds carbonation. Plus, if you drop it, it won’t break which was a must for the school.


Together alongside JHP School and Cupanion, we are making an impact on the planet and the people on it every day with each use of the Cupanion bottles. The school and students loved their bottles. There are over 300+ companies, schools, and events across North America that are always giving with Fill it Forward.

Want to learn more about Cupanion or want to test a bottle out for yourself? Send me an email – I’d love to gift you a Cupanion!

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