Enhancing Corporate Culture


The objective of this promotion was to support, enhance & build upon a culture building corporate event by using promotional products to galvanize a team and assist them in working together.


Custom T-Shirts, bandana’s, banners and water bottles were selected to be featured and used at this corporate event. All products were chosen to help signify the team each staff member would be working with or to provide a function at the event (i.e. the water bottles helped hydrate the team while the bandana’s reduced sweating in the eyes). The “FEAR FACTOR” eyeball symbolized the fear that was to be bestowed on each staff member. Fear of heights, snakes, scorpions and live worms to be eaten were only few of the experiences staff members were exposed to at this culture-building event.


This event had the highest rating from staff over a 10 year period of events and to date has been recognized as the most successful corporate event for this company. The promotional products that were used at this event are still being worn or displayed and these products were listed as an integral part of the success of the event.