Engaging & Educational Product For A Conference



The ITA Group was having their annual fall sales conference and requested assistance in revamping the experience at the conference by providing an inspiring, educational and tech-focused product for each guest.


We presented the idea of a journal which included a Near Field Communication (NFC) Tag located on its cover. The addition of a NFC tag would allow attendees to be directed to a webpage that contained the event schedule, documents pertaining to the conference and, a direct link to an event app in the iOS App Store. This type of journal could additionally allow ITA Group to provide a visually stunning debossed cover, plus a 4 color process indented dome. Both of these areas were instrumental in providing the ITA Group branding.


The event was a huge success! The results indicated that 98% of the attendees considered themselves knowledgeable about ITA’s event and 100% of the sales team members left the conference feeling more enthusiastic because of the interaction with the NFC Tag.


Computer/Software • Education • Finance • Non-Profit • Oil & Gas • Health • Hotel/Tourism • Research