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Employee Recognition Awards Program


The goal of this program was to accommodate the selection and distribution of long-term service awards to over 30,000 government employees across the province. These individuals were split into 18 separate divisions that require communications and reporting specific to their departments.


Our strategy was to develop a website that met all the requirements of the Government of Alberta employees and Administration. Employees were able to view awards easily and make a selection from their eligible categories. Notifications were emailed with instruction when they were eligible and confirmations were sent when awards were successfully submitted and delivered. All order information was stored in our database and reporting unique to each Administrator and Division was generated to accommodate management and accounting.


Employees were able to view and select from an online platform accessible from anywhere and on any device. Automatic notifications accommodated the communications between Management, Administration, and employees. Updates to the website and product catalogue were made faster and easier keeping the program up to date. Orders were placed and distributed within weeks of the individuals’ milestone date. Reporting was generated for each division and made accessible to the management and accounting teams at the Government of Alberta for tracking, invoicing, and budgeting purposes.


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