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Employee Onboarding Gifts


Great companies are made of great employees, so helping new hires to start right should not be overlooked. Wallop was looking for employee onboarding gifts to celebrate the arrival of their new staff members and they are looking for items that embody their culture as well as highlight the Wallop brand in a harmonizing way. In addition, since they have remote offices and potentially work-from-home employees across Canada, shipping and fulfillment are just as important as the gift itself.


Wallop had a general idea of what they wanted for their welcome gift set: a desk mug, a water bottle, a power bank, and a cap. Supplying exceptional branded items were the easy part, the real challenge was to source a customizable SWAG box that would kit together cohesively. Once the product selections were finalized, a draft diagram was created to help understand how each item is being placed in the box. Finally, the completed SWAG boxes must be shipping-friendly, as they will have to reach residential addresses in remote areas via Canada Post.


The gifts, the box, the design, and the presentation, all come together beautifully. Wallop is also considering using this set for other gift opportunities as well, such as partners and customers.


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Monica Forss, B.P.E., CAS
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