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Employee Incentive Program


Wow Lighting and Controls approached us with the objective of creating an online incentive program that could be used to reward employees that performed above and beyond the expected call of duty.  Additionally, they required this program to motivate employees to continue to exemplify the company’s core values. And lastly, the program was required to be administratively simple, to include an attractive selection of products using an online program and comprise a display for each employee that would keep the incentives top of mind.


We selected a variety of product, both branded and unbranded, to be portrayed online in the company’s web based incentive program. Each time an employee is recognized for their achievement in relation to a core value, they receive one of the branded coins. The coins are worth a nominal value and the employees may instantly redeem the coin for merchandise or they may save and accumulate the coins by placing these in their custom coin display stands which are proudly displayed on all employee desktops. The program is stocked with a great array of beautiful gifts to encourage and challenge their employees to achieve a higher level of greatness.


Wow Lighting and Controls is up and running full speed ahead with a successful employee incentive program.   Not only is management regularly rewarding employees but employees are regularly recognizing their peers for exceeding requirements and achieving goals. The program has added excitement and enthusiasm to an already thriving company culture!


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Misty Mushynsky, TAS
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