Employee Engagement SWAG Box


The pandemic proved to be a challenging year for many staff both mentally and physically by distancing teams across Canada. Therefore, an HR objective was created to engage employees with curated promotional products in a custom swag box to be delivered to each individual’s home address. Additionally, each product needed to be carefully selected to not only uplift but also positively engage each employee.


First, we researched and then selected the promotional products that were required to go inside the swag box. This allowed us to determine the correct size of the box that was to be used which would also be delivered to each employee’s home address. The box was created with a custom imprint both inside and out and it included two important messages. “Just For You” was imprinted outside of the box which was selected to make the recipient feel special and create an exceptional first impression. Secondly, the word “Enjoy” was used to reinforce that the items located inside were a gift for them. The company logo was used both on the outside of the box as well as on the inside to support the branding. The key products selected were a custom private label sweatshirt as well as custom running shoes. The sweatshirt used a new decoration method (DEEP emboss and deboss together) which added to the desire of wearing the garment. The word FLAWSOME was imprinted to recognize that the pandemic had created a challenging year both mentally and physically but that our HR department and agency supported the challenges each individual faced and strived to make the year awesome. A custom running shoe was selected because it was unique and allowed each employee to use in a physical manner to improve their physical health. Each shoe was branded to the company colors and ordered based on the size of each employee. Lastly, a romance card was added as a special supportive note to each recipient encouraging their engagement and support of the agency. Lastly, each box was carefully packaged (included purple crinkle paper), labeled and fulfilled to each employee either at work or at home through Canada Post.


An overwhelming wave of support was felt by the HR team from every employee. The goal was more than accomplished with each team member wearing their sweatshirt and shoes on a regular basis whether working from home or in the office.


Pete Kmech Photo