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Jibe Prints is an e-commerce retailer specializing in personalized prints. Our client came to us looking for a new website. They needed a modern-looking design, specialized functionality, and reliable payment processing in their online shop. Their target audience is mostly women and the design of this store needed to match their very specific line of prints. It was also important that the website design will make this client stand out in a highly competitive e-commerce world.


Because this client needed to have access to order processing, we engaged Shopify, a platform that is highly-regarded in the e-commerce space. We managed this e-commerce website design project with customers and the retailer in mind. We brought the best-selling products to the front page for easy access and categorized all collections based on customer needs. Several apps were integrated into the website, for an easy shopping experience and also to optimize this online store for the highest possible conversion from visitors to purchasers. All ads, marketing pieces, and menus change seasonally and/or based on current offers throughout the year.


As a result, this e-commerce website is a highly optimized online storefront and it has received numerous praises from its customers. The sleek functionality of the purchasing funnel ensures that customers find exactly what they need while converting from first-time visitors to returning customers.

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Anna Paczkowska

Anna Paczkowska, FAM Certified
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