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|   Declaring War On Child Abuse


The objective of the Little Warriors Doll was to help prevent, recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse by creating awareness at media launches, public awareness events, speaking engagements, grant opportunities, volunteer information sessions and all Stewards of Children events (sexual abuse prevention training program).


The uniqueness of this custom plush doll was our ability to take a one-dimensional drawing (see attached picture) and transform it into a 3-dimensional character. This little warrior image originally had no face and therefore it was important for us to bring it to life. Surprising, after the 3rd prototype, her spirit was born and it was clear that this plush toy was not simply a promotional product. This doll became a symbol of courage for kids and adults to take the appropriate steps, not only in prevention but also in healing. The Little Warriors logo and website were imprinted on the right foot of the doll to provide awareness about the prevalence and frequency of child sexual abuse.


Over 600 dolls were purchased to target a nationwide audience. Previous to the Little Warriors launch there was no charitable organization with a national focus that educates adults about how to help prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. Following the purchase of the dolls, it was clear that a demand was created to get one and get one fast. This demand allowed the Little Warriors doll to become a commodity that could provide additional monetary support to this, not for profit organization. Therefore we created an initiative that allowed the doll to be given only if a minimum $250 donation was provided.

This custom two-piece plush designed doll was chosen for its symbolism of comfort, support, and strength. It was selected by the marketing consultants of our company with the assistance of the clients’ vision to use a promotional product that would allow recipients to be encouraged, to be consoled and to inspire bravery. What better product to choose than a doll with a removable teddy bear which later became known as the “Be Brave Doll.”

We used new technology to help the distribution process of the doll by building an online store that provided a donor who donated any total above $250 to receive a doll or it allowed the donor to give the doll to a victim of sexual abuse. The Little Warriors website link showcases the doll and provides an opportunity for donations. It is accurate to say that this Little Warriors doll has become the face of the charity.


The doll was officially launched in May 2008. In 2 months Little Warriors Charity raised over $100,000 in donations which was generated from over 500 hits to the “Be Brave” Dolls web page.