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School Pop Up Store With Branded Apparel


Edmonton Dance Factory is a dance studio that wanted to offer their students branded merchandise that could be purchased through an online platform. They wanted to make it easy to purchase, collect payment, and distribute orders accurately. Certain products were mandatory for the dancers to have while others were optional apparel and accessories.


CREATIVE built an online Pop-Up Store that opened for a select time period and collected the orders. The website was communicated through regular channels of communication with parents and students which made it easy for them to access the store and place orders in their own time.


The store was very accessible and easy to use. Orders were processed effectively and payment collected through a secure payment gateway. Everyone had their items in hand within a few short weeks and the product looked great!


Rob Mandryk, B.COM, CAS, FAM
Program Manager, Virtual Marketing Assistant

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Michelle Reidy

Michelle Reidy, TAS, FAM
Promotional Marketing Consultant

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