Enforcers logo

Custom Team Uniform Package


A local 3 on 3 team wanted to hit the ice for their 2019 SuperLeague Season with the appearance of custom jerseys and matching socks but required us to find and deliver uniforms at a reduced or stock price point.


We were able to design a custom sock with a matching stock jersey that together would appear to be a completely custom uniform package. The Enforcers logo was sublimated on the front of the jersey as well as the front of 1 sock. The additional sock had the player’s number sublimated with the exact color and font as the number on the back of the jersey.


The team was incredibly impressed and so too were their competitors, who spent the same amount of money but did not receive the same value. The team shared a collective thank you to CREATIVE for designing a professional set of jerseys and socks.


Pete Kmech Photo