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Custom Promotional Gifts


The King’s University Admissions group is always looking for creative custom promotional gifts for their campus special events and mailout campaigns. We decided on three unique items that were fully customizable, right down to the Pantone colours.


The first promotional item was custom blue mittens to give out to the attendees of the Fall Open House. The mittens were a gift in preparation for a chilly outdoor event due to the pandemic. Well, good old Edmonton showed up with 25-degree weather that day! The mittens were still a welcome gift for all.

The LVL keychain is a luxury vegan leather keychain. Crafted with premium vegan leather in vibrant full colour is a handy accessory for students and staff alike and can be a low-cost mailout for gifts to students. The keyring was imprinted with the King’s new yellow and blue combo to match the new University colour palette.

The Snap-In Combo is a friendly cord management tool. Simply wind your cord in the coil, insert the ring, snap closed and no need to worry about knotted cords again. The combo packs came with a set of 3 bands with a custom King crown button and a custom imprinted card. A functional gift for all!


All three items perfectly match The King’s University’s marketing materials and could be used for different events and functions. If you have a little time to wait for custom overseas products it is well worth the wait to achieve beautiful results.


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Lisa Reid, B.Ed, CAS
Senior Promotional Marketing Consultant

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