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Custom Company-Branded Coolers


Together EmployAbilities and CREATIVE recognized that participants in the programs run by EmployAbilities are their greatest referral asset. We decided to find an item that would allow the delivery of bottled water while creating a fun and memorable product.


Our agency selected a CUSTOM, Remote-Controlled, Bluetooth Cooler Truck. Additionally, we also purchased custom bottled water with the EmployAbilities logo and branding to support this effort.  Also, we added the director’s image on the front of the truck as if he was driving the vehicle.  This truck now is introduced to all programs and delivers water to them regularly which reduces stress and provides hydration to the participants.


The product was extremely well received. It continues to be a conversation piece that creates a memorable branding moment for EmployAbilities and is also a part of the goodwill and value of the program when a referral takes place.


Pete Kmech Photo