Custom Branded Apparel for An Online Company Store



We were approached by Playstation to create multiple branded leisure apparel for the purpose of selling on their web based company store. The goal of this project was to create custom apparel pieces that were both trendy and provided the ability for PlayStation to promote their brand.


Based on their gaming platforms and various bestselling games, our team created a design showcase to present multiple themes of various apparel options. After several rounds of proposals and reviews, we finalized the designs that were selected.  The decision was made to go ahead with a heavy weight hoodie, a mid-weight hoodie, and a hard shell bomber jacket. All styles were decorated with Playstation’s various logos and after the samples were approved, we were able to go ahead with a bulk order and deliver finished product.


Playstation was very pleased with the quality and design of our goods, and even submitted several additional add-on orders to deal with the large demand for more stock.


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