CREATIVE Promotional Swag Boxes


The primary objective of this SWAG BOX Marketing Survival Kit Promotion was to increase revenue by attracting numerous NEW prospects as well as connecting with existing clients at our CAMP CREATIVE Open House Event. The specific goal of this promotion was to increase not only prospect attendance from our last open house event but also increase revenue by a minimum of 20% from the same period of the previous year.


Our CREATIVE agency set up an event committee to collaborate on an open house idea and selected a theme based on their “FUN Childhood EXPERIENCES & LEARNING Moments.” A SUMMER CAMP theme/event was born and would allow us to attract the audience we wanted by pitching the value of “LEARNING MARKETING SKILLS TO NOT ONLY SURVIVE BUT THRIVE IN THE WILD OF TODAY’S MARKETPLACE!” A clever Save-the-Date video teaser called “BREAKING OUT OF WORK FOR THE DAY” was also built to help create excitement, and enthusiasm, and drive RSVPs (  For this event, we targeted our existing clients as well as created a prospecting campaign internally to introduce new clients to our agency and draw them to this CAMP CREATIVE Event where they would learn NEW marketing skills. A total of 225 clients were targeted with the video and approximately 100 prospects. We also encouraged people who received the paper invitations to share the buttons on the invitation with other marketing or graphics people within their offices. There were over 25 promotional products used for this event. The most important product created was our SWAG BOX MARKETING SURVIVAL KIT!

Within the SWAG Box Survival Kit, we selected items that people within a marketing role would appreciate and use.  It included a Lantern to “Shed Light On Your Brand,” a Whistle to “Call Attention To Your Brand,” a Measuring Tape to “ Measure The Value Of Your Marketing,” a Gum Pack to “Add Flavour To Your Promotions,” a Utility Pen to “Energize Your Marketing,” an RFID Blocking Card to “Protect Your Brand’s Identity,” a Sticky Note Pad to “Make Your Brand Stick,” a Lens Cloth for a “RoadMap To A Successful Promotion” a Minim Office Desk Kit because “Small Details Can Make Big Things Happen,” and an Eco Straw to ensure that you “Create Ideas That Don’t Suck!”


Our agency targeted 325 prospects and clients but we’re prepared for 400 guests. Surprisingly, we were just shy of 340 people in attendance for our CAMP CREATIVE Event which our agency was ecstatic about considering Alberta is currently in a recession. Not only were our vendors pleasantly surprised by the attendance, but they were also blown away with the large number of QUALIFIED purchasers we brought to their tables…surpassing all of our expectations.  This means many of them shared it with co-workers or other potential marketing geniuses.  In addition to surpassing our attendance target, we grew our sales in the same period of the previous year by 28%. Making this effort worth all the hard work, kitting, CREATIVITY & clever marketing. We truly believe that we stepped out of the shadows of being a promotional products company to showcase that we are a PROMOTIONAL MARKETING AGENCY!


Pete Kmech Photo