Creative logo self promo



Creative hosted an open house and there were two main objectives for the event. The first was to reinforce and highlight to our prospects/clients that we are a “Promotional MARKETING Agency” (emphasis on marketing as a differentiator). Secondly, we felt that using a promotional product as well as a new technology would not only engage our visitors but would leave them sharing their experience through word of mouth. Thankfully, the technology that we use called Augmented Reality positioned Creative as a cutting edge company that is on trend with their promotions.


Augmented Reality is the latest technology related to print and promo. The process works using image recognition technology that quickly associates the printed content to the relevant digital experience. These digital experiences can be anything from a simple picture slideshow to complex 3D schematics and animations. Creative chose to build our iconic “lightbulb” as an element of branding for this promotion. The lightbulb emphasizes creativity and innovation which is what our target audience wanted to see at our open house! The theme of our event was targeted towards prospects and clients filling up on “Premium Ideas” so we embedded the AR technology into the lightbulb on the gas pump image on the cover of the journal. When the cover was aimed at with the Daqri app on the smartphone, the app revealed our 3D light bulb image AND when you touched the lightbulb, fireworks are displayed. Daqri app is available for Android and Apple users. At our open house, we have numerous people showcasing this technology so that each recipient received a clear understanding of how it works. This helped showcase our creativity and allowed everyone to ask questions.


We are still collecting the results from our spring event, however, the response we received from the 150+ guests at our event was overwhelming. Multiple meetings are taking place as we speak with clients who were in attendance as well as prospects who were referred to us. These meetings are turning into purchases and most importantly happy customers. Lastly, ALL Creative lightbulbs now have this embedded technology. We recommend that you locate one of these images … even through email and give it a try.