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Core Values Incentive Plaques


CBM-IT required us to support their ability to inspire, motivate and reward staff that exemplified their core values. They requested that the solution be something visual that their entire team would see on a day-to-day basis. This product also required the capability of adding pieces to an image that showcased an accomplishment of fulfilling a core value.


CREATIVE is familiar with driving a small set of timeless guiding principles because of our own intrinsic value and importance to core values. Therefore, we create a magnetic plaque that allows staff names and core values to be added as required. We located a local supplier who could custom-create these plaques within budget while providing the required magnetic functionality.


We are happy to report that CBM-IT and Glenn Mudryk love the value of these plaques and continue to add more as their team/company grows. Glenn will tell you that these are a part of their success.


Pete Kmech Photo