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Our e-commerce client, jibeprints.com, was looking to boost website traffic and increase sales through content marketing. After successfully launching their social platforms, they wanted to expand their digital marketing funnel into other areas and platforms.


We did an analysis of their audience and realized that Pinterest, a visual search engine, provided a perfect opportunity because most of their audience spends a lot of time searching for home decor ideas on this platform. We took a deeper dive into what most users tend to use Pinterest for and found out that detailed tutorials tend to outperform other posts. We then involved our content creators in publishing a blog post about how to create a gallery wall that incorporated our client’s best-selling personalized print. We took all images from the blog post and published them to the client’s various boards, making sure each post was optimized to its fullest potential, by using not only catchy visuals but also optimizing the post’s written content.


It wasn’t long before the posts started catching the attention of our desired audience. Pinterest users, interested in home decor and searching for ideas, started re-pinning our posts and sharing them with their own audience. This tends to have a parabolic effect on the metrics and soon enough the increased traffic to the linked blog post started trickling down to the product page and then… more sales. View the image above for AVERAGE MONTHLY ANALYTICS! It’s been years since the original campaign started and because the posts are still live on so many people’s boards, they still send buyers to Jibe Prints.
A positive side effect of this campaign was also an increased overall SEO performance of the website due to all of the extra traffic. The social media team was also handed all of the images and suggested content for all social platforms to double down on the strength of this campaign.

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Anna Paczkowska

Anna Paczkowska, FAM Certified
Creative Director, Executive Virtual Marketing Assistant

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