Company Branded Masks


Hosting any event can be stressful, but that pressure has only escalated with the pandemic. EO Calgary was hosting an event and wanted to provide all attendees with branded, comfortable and safe face masks.


Over the past two years, there has been an influx of PPE products in the market place although many of those products don’t properly protect people. Our team at CREATIVE has researched over 50 masks from various vendors around the world. We tested each with wear, breathability, sizing, and washing to ensure that we selected the best product. The mask that we chose for EO Calgary met their needs with adjustable straps, nose clips, and breathability.


EO Calgary was able to have a safe, in-person event, where a lot of attendees wore their new masks! Masks, especially during this time, are a crucial giveaway/gift for any in-person event. The masks will continue to be worn even after the event – the perfect walking billboard for your brand!


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Jessica Klimko, B.Com, CAS, CDMP
Digital Marketing Director, Promotional Marketing Consultant

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